Empowering a New Generation with New Media

Digital Music


Create original digital tunes using Logic Pro and Apple Garageband loaded with instrument loops, beats, and sampled sounds. Work with a USB keyboard, electronic drums, and microphones to create music and sound tracks of all types!


Digital Video


Do creative and cutting-edge projects and special effects using professional-level video equipment, and Final Cut Pro software. Learn how to  script and storyboard your concepts to create exciting projects like short films, public service announcements, green screen effects. Crew members will also have an opportunity to film using one of our two DJI professional drones.


3D, Graphic & Motion Design


New for 2017 will be 3D modeling and printing 3D objects. Create exciting graphic projects using cutting-edge software and Wacom digital drawing tablets. Create motion graphics projects, logos, special effects, and other exciting projects.



Learn to take great pictures using various cameras from point-and-shoot to professional quality DSLR cameras. Learn to edit and enhance photos in software programs like iPhoto and Photoshop, as well as perform special effects.  Crew members will also have an opportunity to take photos using one of our two DJI professional drones.





Introduction from Founder, Rev. Bryan Hudson

Workshops are the heart of our program. We provide hands-on creative experiences with top quality hardware, software and instructors. We can't offer every workshop each week.  We encourage youth to take available workshops. EVERY workshop is both informative and fun.


Key Support Partners:

Lilly Endowment Inc.

Mr. Reginald O. Jones

New Covenant Church

Vision Communications

Dr. Wayne Moore, Baptist Ministers Alliance


Vision Multimedia Workshop

New Covenant Church

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